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What is a Cryptocurrency Faucet?

A CryptoCurrency Faucet is a website where you can go to earn free Bitcoin. Faucets are able to offer free BTC by showing adverts on the site and sharing the profits with people who claim on the site. The Bitcoin is paid out in units called Satoshi’s (Small portions of a Bitcoin) 

Why should I use a faucet?

Faucet payments at some point in the past were around 8000 Satoshis per click (0.00008000 BTC). (even more in the very early days!) This payout, at Bitcoins peak in 2017 would have been worth around $1.44 per claim! With more adoption/awareness happening every day, Bitcoins price has been widely speculated to increase over time, with some people making predictinos of 6 figures within a few years.

There are other methods to earn Cryptocurrencies online, they can be found here.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a peer to peer digital payment system that uses cryptography to ensure secure ownership of coins. Its uses a distributed ledger system known as a Blockchain. Bitcoin (aloso known as BTC, was created by Satoshi Nakamoto and released in 2009.

How are Bitcoins created?

Bitcoins are mined using a Proof Of work System called HashCash (created by Adam Back, in 1997) HashCash.org  Bitcoins are currently mined with ASIC mining machines.

What do I need to start using Bitcoin?

All you need to start using Bitcoin, is a wallet. Wallets are used to store Bitcoins & consist of a Private Key and a Public Key. Keep the Private key to yourself (never show to anyone!) and share your Public Key to recieve Bitcoin from other people.

A few types of wallet are available such as :

Web Wallet / Paper Wallet / Hardware Wallet

Aren’t Bitcoins too expensive to Buy?

Well, Yes they are quire expensive, however Bitcoins can be divided up into small units known as Satoshis. This makes it more affordable since you can buy or trade very small amounts of a Bitcoin.