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Category : Surf & Earn


AdBTC.Top is a "Surf & Earn" Website, where you can earn Satoshi's by browsing websites.

If you are new to the “Surf & Earn” scene then AdBTC.Top is a prime example of the system. After Signing in, you will be presented with a few options. Below explains them in a little more detail.

Surf Ads – After clikcing “START” a new window will be opened & a timer will be started. As long as you keep the window open until after the timer stops, you will get the Satoshis.

Active Window Surfing – Very similar to the Surf Ads but you will be presented with a list of different sites to open yourself, rather than being guided through.

AutoSurfing – This is a feature will automatically open the next site for “Autosurfing” 

Refer people for additional Satoshis. Referrals can be bought and sold on gthe Referral Marketplace.

Category : Surf & Earn


10KHits is a site where webmasters go to generate traffic for their sites. Earn Points for surfing Sites. is a leading website traffic solution that provides scalable, on-demand results for webmasters either paid or in return for surfing other peoples sites.

Launched in  2011 10kHits aim to make it easy for you to gain unlimited visitors to your websites instantly.

No web marketing team or expensive advertising campaigns needed.

Category : Tasks, Bounties & Airdrops


RewardPortal is a Task, Bounties & Airdrop Platform

RewardPortal is undergoing a new site build. Currently its coming soon, but we just HAD to mention it here since we saw the platform a while ago now. 

This was one of the best ways to earn Crypto, with many different tasks offering various Tokens and Crypo as payouts. The prided themselves in offering liquid tokens such as good old fashioned Bitcoin and a host of others. We are exited to see the relaunch of this site! 

Make sure you Follow them on Twitter for updates when the site will be ready.